Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

It is considered to be a fact that there is no a hard and fast rule to prevent hair loss by a single remedy. It is observed that a particular method effects in different ways to a particular person. One remedy which is not so very effective to one person can be unbelievably effective to produce good results to some other person.

There are more than one ways to prevent hair loss. Herbal remedies for hair loss are known to be more effective. A gentle massage every single day in the head with the help of figures for some time helps the flow of blood to hair follicles. Daily massage can also result in a slow but healthy hair growth.

There are some electric head massagers available in the market which facilitates the user in massaging while doing chores. Aromatherapy can be done by making a mixture of 4 ounces of soybean, almond or sesame oil together with about six drops of lavender. This therapy is usually applied about 20 minutes before to make the mixture work. An aroma therapist considers this a useful way to stimulate scalp.

Rosemary and sage is the herb which shows positive results to prevent hair loss when applied to external effected areas. treatment involve boiling of rosemary, sage, peach leaves nettle and burdock together, after straining some of the particles of herbs and getting a liquid to be used as a washing liquid for the hair.

There are several oils, which are effective against many hair problems like seborrhea, eczema, and dandruff. Mexicans and south western Americans use jojoba oil for hair loss treatment since ages. It helps in increasing hair growth and minimizing dandruff problem in the hair. This oil can be used by hypo allergic patients as it contains moisturizer to reduce dandruff.

Aloe Vera is used in Caribbean also by Americans and Indians to increase growth and minimizing hair fall. Aloe vera helps the skin by healing the pores of the dead skin and maintaining Ph level of scalp. Aloe Vera shampoo mixture can be obtained by making a gel type liquid with the help of coconut milk and little quantity of the wheat germ oil to obtain exceptional results.

Henna acts as a ready made conditioner without any side effects to grow and maintain healthy hair. It is useful to cure the hair physically by sealing the cuticle. It reduces breakage of hair. Henna when applied at a regular interval of time can bring shine in the hair as well.

Polysorbate-80 is known to an approved food additive which helps in removing DHT deposits on the scalp and cholesterol can be treated as well. Naturopathic practitioners suggest its application useful when applied to the skin about 15 minutes before applying shampoo to the hair.

Usually toxemia is considered to be the root cause of major scalp diseases. Colonic irrigation occasionally can be performed for cleansing purposes. Husk fiber also helps in cleansing process. Exercises no doubts can play important role in hair growth.

Apparently it seems impossible that exercise helps in hair growth but some holistic practitioners recommend exercises as well. Oxygen cell become active through exercises which indirectly make hair grow and digestion of food. Care must be taken while adopting any herbal remedies for hair loss at your own discretion. Proper guidance and planning ought to be made to avoid any unexpected outcomes.

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