Herbal Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss whether it is hereditary, backed by family history or caused by some accident; is not less than a trauma. For females, hair loss is like the end of the world. Such women are always looking out for better and harmless solution to their hair fall problem. Herbal hair loss treatment are considered to be the most trustworthy and recommended in this regard. They are without any harm and side effects.

Some of the herbs essential for the treatment of hair loss problem are:

Rosemary is a known herb and is used for the treatment of hair fall; they are made in the form of tea and then applied on hair on a daily basis. Hair gets healthy, glowing and growth is enhanced. They reduce the hair fall problem.

Mallow roots are used in combination with wine. In fact when boiled in wine, they give rise to a solution which when applied on the scalp, removes all allergic reaction and add nutrients to the scalp. They make easy blood circulation and reduce hair fall problem.

Parsley seeds are crushed and changed into powder form. They are applied on the scalp and left over night. To make sure that it is evenly spread all across the scalp, hair is brushed. Catnip is also applied on the scalp when it is infused. It can be applied daily and then washed thoroughly with water.

Another herb that could be used as a night time massager is Artichoke leaves. They are mixed with water and then applied on the scalp. However they are left immersed in water for considerable period of time before applying into hair.

There are many herbal products that are extracted today and then prescribed by many medical practitioners. Green tea is used by people as a good digestive product. Besides being used for weight loss, it also helps in skin care product. Green tea contains an enzyme, which is an excellent mean of reducing hair loss.

Herbal hair loss treatments are though very effective and without any side effects, but still many people don’t get the desired results even after herbal product application. Therefore there are certain points taken into consideration before applying herbal hair loss products:

The hair structure is the first and the foremost element to consider, the protein layer of the hair “keratin” and the inner layer cortex. The inner most layers provide additional protection to the hair and foster its growth.

Inside the hair structure, there are some hair roots. They contain follicle. Follicle is the main element that is used for the production of new hair. When old and worn out hair starts falling, new hair is produced by hair follicle to replace that deficiency. Final thing is the hair growth stage.

Normally hair structure, hair root and hair growth phase determines that impact of any herbal remedy on the hair. If hair roots are too sensitive or at any particular hair growth phase, herbal products may fail to show its full impact. Thus it is also better to take into consideration dos and don’ts of all herbal hair loss products before their application.

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