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Zhangguang 101 Hair Group is the world's leading natural solution provider to treat Alopecia and to prevent hair loss.

dr zhao zhangguangWith more than 10000 employees worldwide, 1 Billion (USD $140 Million) dollars in fixed assets and 2500 consulting and service stores worldwide, 101 Hair Group has become the largest solution provider in the hair loss industry.

Certified by ISO 9000 and GMP, China Beijing 101 Hair Group has already had hair loss products sold to the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, Japan and more than 65 countries.

Our philosophy to treat Alopecia & to prevent hair loss roots deep down to the Chinese ancient herbal medicine practice. Extensive researches have been performed in our laboratories in Beijing, China. We have studied the hair follicle cells structures, hair renewal mechanism as well as hair loss treatment using Chinese herbs. Our studies proved the effectiveness and efficiency to treat baldness and to prevent hair loss by combining the modern cell studies and the traditional Chinese herbal ingredients.

Zhangguang 101 Hair products, including hair regeneration series, hair nourishing series and hair loss prevention series, was developed by Dr. Zhao Zhang Guang in 1974. In 30 years' refinement combined with the modern technologies, certified by the GMP, our products are compile with the modern quality control standards yet still captured the essence of the Chinese herbal medicine. No painful hair surgery, no toxic hair regrow pill, no side effects, our products covered every dimensions for different hair loss needs.

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