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Nutrition and Hair Loss

Enough intakes from following type of foods in different categories help to provide hair with enough nutritions and to prevent hair loss.

  • Mineral Iron

People with hair loss problem are usually lack of iron. Iron rich foods include: soy beans, black beans, eggs, fishes, shrimp, peanuts, spinach, bananas, carrots and potatoes.

  • Plant Protein

Plant ProteinPlant protein rich foods include soy beans, sesame and corns.

  • Alkaline foods

You should shift your pH toward Alkaline. An acidic body is a sickness magnet. Liver, meat and onion, which is on the acidic side, are recommended to be consumed less.

  • Mineral Iodine

Iodine controls the shininess of the hair body. Iodine rich foods include sea weeds, oyster and salt.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E extend the life of a hair, Vitamin E rich foods include asparagus, Cabbage and sesames.

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