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Hair Loss Diet

Diet and hair loss has the important relationship.

During the use of 101 Hair Group's natural products to treat baldness and to prevent hair loss, we recommend the following diets:

No excessive sugars, high sugar drinks, deep fried foods, chocolates and creams which are full of sugars and fats.

Excessive sugar and fat intakes will result in the excessive oil production on scalps. In addition to that, sugar and fat are on the acidic (low on oxygen) side of the food chains. As we have already mentioned in our nutrition FAQs, an acidic body is a sickness magnet.

Less spicy foods, spicy peppers, mustard, onions and alcohols.

The purpose to reduce the consumption on these foods is to less stimulate the scalp to reduce itchiness then to worsen the hair loss.Diets and nutrition’s are always paired up together, please refer to our Nutrition Recommendation to treat baldness and to prevent hair loss.

101 Hair Group also recommended dietary health in general. You may also take a look our Healthy Eating Pyramid recommendations.

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