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Supplements For Hair Loss in Women

Hair fall among women is normal up to some level of 50 to 100 strands every day. But when the fall is above this level, it becomes alarming. Apart from many other artificial and natural remedies taken by the women for the better look and growth of their hair, supplements for hair loss in women are also one of them. Supplements provide additional nutrimental value for the growth of overall body and helps in the normal hair growth thus reduce hair fall. Important impacts of various supplements for hair loss in women are:

  • Supplements rich in copper works in combination with zinc to make hair growth better
  • Use of certain fatty acids primrose oil, flaxseed oil and salmon oil rich supplements, make the texture of the hair soft and stop dryness in hair
  • Reduced level of Biotin cause hair loss with skin problems
  • Combination of Vitamin B complex with B3, B5 and B6 foster better growth of hair. They raise the flow of blood and reduces the impact of anemia in many females
  • Zinc raises the immunity level and better hair growth
  • Another mineral needed for better hair growth is kelp
  • Seed oil extracted from grapes acts as a good antioxidant for the protecting hair follicle
  • Iodine containing supplements improve the working of thyroid glands, which in turn is better for the follicle hair producing glands in women

Besides adding many supplements for hair loss in women in daily diet, the selection of the shampoo is also one of the key determinant factors. Vitamins must be one of the key ingredients; they work better on removing the scalp from dead follicles. Besides this all other harmful substances that may cause hair fall will be removed.

Another supplement for hair loss in women is extracted from nettle roots. They stop the hair fall by blocking any damage to the hormones. This way not only current hair fall stops but for future, hair growth becomes better. Lavender oil is good for stopping hair fall among women. Their natural affects completely stops the hair fall from scratch.

Besides positive impacts, there are some negative effects of these supplements also. If you are already on some medications, pregnant or have some health problem, it is better to take medical doctors’ advice before starting any supplements for hair loss in women. According to some medical facts, the moderate amount of Vitamins intake is beneficial for the normal functioning of body and hair. If they are less than some desired amount, 5,000 IU, they become main cause of hair fall among women. On the contrary, if they exceed the normal limit of 25,000 IU, they can again give rise to Hair fall. Therefore the proper proportion of the supplements must be kept in mind and advice from doctors is necessary before starting any supplement for hair loss in women. Many other supplements taken for the treatment of any illness, acne problems and many other issues can cause hair loss as one of their side effects.

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