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Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair from their health perspective goes through 3 different states, namely Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. In Anagen stage our hair are in growing stage and an average human hair spends about 2 to 7 years in this stage. Whereas in Catagen stage hair lives for few weeks and it is nothing but a transition stage for hair to go to next stage Tolegen. In Tolegen the hair is ready to die, this stage stays for a short while. At the end of Catagen stage, the hair is dead and it falls off scalp. Normally each day 50 to 100 hair fall from our scalp and there is nothing to be worried about it. Life is closely associated with balances, same applies for hair too. For instance on a average human scalp there must be a balance of about 80-90% hair in Anagen stage whereas up to 10% hair can be in Telogen stage. If this balance does not exist it means the person is suffering from hair loss, intensity may vary depending on the difference between actual and normal range.

There are several reasons for hair loss starting from heredity to medical surgery. Main reasons include Stress, gender, social conditions, life style, post pregnancy period, and usage of chemical based majority of hair care products. Deficiency of nutrition required by hair to stay healthy could also be categorized as the reason behind hair loss.

There are many treatments available for the hair losses ranging from allopathic to herbal products. However natural hair loss treatment importance can’t be denied. In that sense apart from treating via change in diet, herbal products also qualifies as natural hair loss treatment. First let us explore natural hair loss treatment that could be accomplished through good diet. Our hair needs Protein and Vitamin B to maintain their balance. Now if your diet is lacking these essential components it is advisable to take a lot of proteins best source of it is meat. As a natural hair loss treatment to fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin B you can take either it in diet or through pills. Major source of Vitamin B are whole grains, banana, potato, chili peppers, beans, yeast, molasses etc. You may also consult a dietician to design a diet chart for you to assist your quest of natural hair loss treatment.

Taking healthy diet will always help you, but if the problem has became chronicle, more serious actions are required. Herbal products are lately emerged as the best natural hair loss treatment. The most important aspect of these products apart from being the natural hair loss treatment is the fact that no side effect is associated with these. By having this natural hair loss treatment you first do the damage control, and then in the long run you can continue to use these for maintenance of your hair. In short taking healthy diet and use of hair care products that carries no side effect is the best natural hair loss treatment.

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