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Minoxidil For Hair Loss In Women

Hairs are very important for everyone but their importance for females is undeniable. In fact hairs are among most important components in female beauty scheme. It is essential to take good care to avoid hair loss and other related problems. Out of 100,000 hairs present on human head normal about 100 of them fall on daily basis to be replaced shortly with new ones. In initial 2 to 7 years of their lives, hairs keep on growing and eventually they die down noticeably or mostly unnoticed.

Hair loss in women may occur due to many reasons, for instance stress, hormonal abnormalities, child birth, surgical after effects, crash dieting, shortage of ingredients in food necessary for hairs to sustain their life and many others. Whatever the reason is, the important things to remember is that preventive activities should always be there and in case you are feeling of any abnormality in hair loss you must pay a visit to medical expert.

There are various treatments available for hair problems and usage of Minoxidil for hair loss in women and men is quite common. However we will focus on Minoxidil for hair loss in women for now. As mentioned earlier application of Minoxidil for hair loss in women and men is quite common these days but this drug was never intended to provide cure for hairs. Rather interesting fact is, it was created for high blood pressure cure but its side effect was discovered as enhancing the hair growth. Considering it is an FDA approved drug so and carries no know side effects on female hormone, so doctors don’t feel hesitant to recommend Minoxidil for hair loss in women.

Pure form of Minoxidil is never prescribed for hair loss, in fact for males the dose is 10% and does of Minoxidil for hair loss in women is mere 2% in the form of solution. It easy to apply Minoxidil for hair loss in women, as all it requires is to apply it with fingers on scalp and get rid of it in usually a couple of hours. There is trend developed lately to avoid mainstream medications considering their side effects, however it is a known fact that people are using herbal solutions containing Minoxidil for hair loss in women.

Minoxidil for hair loss in women could be safely prescribed for most of the cases, however the medical expert needs to consider few factors, like the percentage of Minoxidil in the solution, patient’s possible reactions to the solution, possible reaction with any other medication (for any other ailment). Benefits of Minoxidil for hair loss in women are many, but its overdose is certainly dangerous. Also females with baby on natural feed should avoid Minoxidil intake.

Effectiveness of Minoxidil for hair loss in women can’t be denied as this drug showed to not only stop hair loss but also reverse it and enhance growth. So once you make sure that all precautions have been taken there is no harm in using Minoxidil for hair loss in women.

Compared with this debatable western drug mentioned above, the Chinese herbal solution dealing with hair loss problem are much safer yet maintain effectiveness.

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