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Excessive Hair Loss in Women

One of the worst nightmares is the excessive hair loss in women. Though the loss is not as significant as baldness as in men. But it sure causes thinness and dull looking hair, which ends up in lowering the self esteem of the woman. There are many causes for excessive hair loss in women but the main among them is the hormonal changes that take place within the female body. The reduction in the level of estrogen is the main cause for the hair fall in large amount.

The mental stress and tension that the women go through in their everyday activities, intake of some medicines such as the contraceptive pills and even some severe illness can cause hair damages. But basically the hormonal imbalance is the major contributor for the excessive hair loss in women. The woman goes through the increase in the hormone level known as the DHT. This is a genetic problem and can be rectified with proper medications. Therefore it is essential that you consult a Doctor and properly diagnose about the root of the cause for the excessive hair loss in women before starting any medications. There are oceans of products available in the markets for improving the health of hair and that supplies all the important nutrients needed for a strong hair growth. But you should be very careful in choosing the right brand of products. The 101Hair USA is an online service which has dedicated them in providing you the best information regarding the excessive hair loss in women and also the remedies through their products which are prepared exclusively by hair experts with optimum care to provide the perfect remedy for the hair fall.

But remember that the averagely 100 hairs can be shed up in a day. But if this increases then it sure must be treated as emergency. You can find hair in your pillow, in your hair brush, and everywhere around your home. Then you can confirm that you also have been struck by excessive hair loss in women. There are so many treatments available for improving the luster of your hair and give it a fantastic look. Shampoos and soaps make your hair dry therefore it is enough if you use them just one time in a day. After the bath you should handle your hair with utmost care by not rubbing it vigorously using any cloth or towel, and also take care never to dry your hair by using the blow dryer, because the excess of heat can damage the hair frolic and results in the excessive hair loss in women. If you want to make new hair styles for that special night party then you must do them only after drying the wet hair.

The hair reflects the real you, and shows specifically if you are neglecting yourself. Even if you have damaged your hair until today you can visit the 101 Hair USA to purchase hair care products such as the combs and also hair products such as shampoos and nourishing creams which are produced from natural ingredients to meet the every specific cause of excessive hair loss in women. Enrich your hair with proper nutrition and cherish them!

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