Stress and Hair Loss in Women

Apart from their biological importance of human hair, the ones on head are of uttermost importance from beauty perspective. Unfortunately for many people hair do not remain with them forever or at least they don’t remain in the same shape forever. Average life of an average hair on our scalp is about 5 years. We keep on losing about hundred of them on daily basis with barely noticing. Hair loss is not appreciated by any gender but for females falling hair, losing hair or gray locks due to age are like worst thing possible. However things get serious when we start losing more. Our hair goes through three main stages of a hair life, anagen, catagen and Telogen phase. Anagen is the phase of growth, catagen can be termed as phase of stability and eventually telogen is the phase where your hairs dies and fall off your scalp.

There can be several possible reasons for hair loss in females like ageing, stress, Thyroid disorders, heredity, hormonal changes, surgery, life style, diet or change in diet, weather, childbirth, dental surgery to name a few. However the most common important reason has to be stress. You can diagnose yourself to see if you are facing a more than average hair loss or not by simply pulling your hair. You can pull handful of your hair gently and if you find 5 to 6 year in your hand. There is another test in which a hair sample is plucked from your head and then tests are performed over them. There is a certain balance associated with the hair and stages they are in, so if there are less than 80% hair found in telogen state it can be said that you are facing a Telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is the condition that is described as the massive hair loss, i.e. more than average. In other words it can be said Stress and hair loss in women goes hand in hand. Stress and hair loss in women is very common among women of all ages. As stress can come anytime in life irrespective of age, gender, marital status etc so as the stress and hair loss in women are related, so women experience the hair loss. Stress as mentioned is not the only reason for the hair loss, there may be multiple reasons acting simultaneously causing the hair loss. For instance it has been observed that a woman had a surgery, some stress and hair loss in women started as a result.

Stress and hair loss in women can be caused by many reasons which cannot always be determined. On the contrary the stress and hair loss in women needs usually no particular treatment, at least not for itself dedicatedly. If the stress is gone, it is generally expected that hair loss will too. There are medicine both mainstream and herbal which are beneficial in general with no side effects, but Telogen effluvium is generally treated by treating for the stress. Gone is the stress and hair loss in women is also gone.

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