Hair Loss Women Menopause

This may come as a surprise to many but 1 out of every 3 women, experiences hair loss during menopause. The hormonal imbalance, particularly a lower level of estrogen compared to testosterone, during menopause causes apparent changes in a women's body such as weight gain and hair loss. Even though, the factors that cause Alopecia, or hair thinning, are the same, the severity of this condition differs in men and women. Alopecia can lead to baldness in men, whereas in women, this condition is normally temporary and often unnoticeable.

Although, hormonal imbalance during menopause is the main reason for the rapid hair loss women menopause, some other factors can also cause this condition. Women have experienced hair loss post-trauma, and during a stressful period in their lives. A dysfunctional thyroid gland can also cause hair loss, as it disrupts the hormonal balance of a women's body.

The question that arises then is what are the remedies offered by the medical world to women who do not suffer from any disease but experience hair loss, nevertheless? There are some remedies available to such hair loss women menopause, which vary from herbal remedies to following a healthy diet to the use of medications.

Since most of the times, hair loss is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body; following particular herbal remedies can help the body restore its hormonal balance. There are many natural herbs available in the market that can help cure hair loss. Such herbs include the Dong Quai, the Black Cohosh, the Gingko Biloba and the Motherwort. The use of such herbs as remedy to cure hair fall or hair thinning is generally easy and such remedies rarely ever cause any side effects.

Herbal remedies only boost the natural growth of hair, therefore, use of products prepared using such herbs ensure a healthy scalp and a healthy rate of hair growth, without any threat of possible side effects. A regular intake of Soy may also help a women cure hair loss problems, as Soy restores the estrogen/testosterone balance in the body by increasing the production of estrogen.

An unhealthy body may also cause hair loss. In order to keep a healthy skin, and strong healthy hair it is necessary to ensure that the person is taking in food rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutriments, for a healthy body means a healthy skin and healthy hair. Therefore, rather than consuming fast food and junk food people interested in getting a healthier glow should make sure they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

On a finishing note, men use Minoxidal to treat their hair loss problem, but nowadays even women are using Minoxidal as a hair loss treatment method. Minoxidal is not very much recommended for females with a potential to bear child, as it can cause side effects, but this is definitely not a concern for women who experience hair loss during menopause. That said the effectiveness of Minoxidal as a hair loss cure is doubtful as unbiased statistics displaying Minoxidal effects on curing hair loss are not available. However, Minoxidal has worked for some people, and giving it a try may not entirely be hopeless. However, hair loss women menopause may have numerous reasons, and thereby, different cures.

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