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Stop Hair Loss in Women

Human body is full of hair and their purpose is to protect our body from sun and cold. However these days’ hairs, especially scalp hair are considered vital for their cosmetic importance. Baldness is common in males once they reach middle ages, but it is very uncommon in females. To stop hair loss in women there are many options available. It doesn’t mean solutions for male falling hair are not there, but females are generally more concerned and to stop hair loss in women is considered more important.

We first need to understand how the lifecycle of hair works. Our hair goes through three stages during their lives. First anagen is the stage where our hair starts and keeps on growing; usually this stage lasts roughly from 2 to 7 years. Second stage is catagen; this is a relatively smaller stage and only lasts for few weeks. This stage announces the end of active growth and initiation toward the final stage. Third stage called telogen is the final one in lifecycle. In this stage hair growth goes into decline and one fine day poor hair is dead and fells off our scalps for good. Generally we lose about 100 hair daily and it is normal, however when the frequency and count of fallen hair increases that’s the time to worry.

Hair loss can be caused by several factors, biological factors like your diet, ageing, thyroid disorders, heredity, a major surgery, blood loss due to any reason, pregnancy to name a few. There are certain social factors as well that can lead to falling hair. Women are generally more emotional of the two genders. So they can easily fall into stress of many kinds, for instance financial situation, depression, loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, work situation, pregnancy, uncertainty, disease etc. So it can be said that hair loss is a symptom rather than a disease itself. Normally you know when you are having falling hair more than normal, or you can consult a doctor to determine the existence and intensity of the hair loss.

In order to stop hair loss in women, it is first important to know the actual cause. Once the cause is determined then preventing or treating that can stop hair loss in women automatically. For instance to stop hair loss in women caused by stress, it is more beneficial to treat the stress by giving appropriate drugs or psychological treatment. However in some cases a thorough treatment is required to stop hair loss in women. For example a condition known as Alopecia areata, requires proper treatment. If taking some medicines is causing the hair to fall, then to stop hair loss in women, replacement of those drugs need to be done upon consultation with the doctor. Massaging your head and increasing Vitamin B in diet can also stop hair loss in women. There are several medicines & products available which can not only stop hair loss in women but are also beneficial for the maintenance of hair overall.

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