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Help For Hair Loss In Women

More and more women are facing hair loss problems every day. About 25 million women in America suffer from the Pattern of Baldness that is particular to women (FPB). This alarming increase in the number of women who suffer from hair loss is due to various reasons, such as hormonal imbalance and stress.

Most women experience hair loss due to hormonal changes, genetics, anxiety and stress. Apart from these, hair loss is a major symptom of menopause, caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. Low levels of estrogen in the body trigger FPB.

There are many methods to reduce hair loss and some of them are particularly directed towards help for hair loss in women, however, not all are effective help for hair loss in women. There is a need for hair loss remedies directed particularly towards helping women because the factors that cause hair loss in women vary from the factors that cause hair loss in men. As the cause behind hair loss is different in men and women, the pattern of baldness also differs. In the case of men, hair thinning usually occurs at the very forefront of brow. In contrast, in the case of women hair thinning results around the temples or at the crown of the head.

As stated above changes in the hormonal balance of the body causes hair loss in women. Hormonal imbalance in a women's body occurs during pregnancy, after delivery, during menopause and during nervous tensions, and more often than not, women experience hair loss, skin troubles, during these periods.

There are some very easy and simple steps that can triggers help for hair loss in women. One such remedy is the oral intake of essential nutriments that fight off hair fall. By orally consuming such nutriments, one can ensure healthy follicles, and a healthy new hair growth.

Hair loss can be fought off by other methods as well, such as taking good care of the scalp. In order to keep the scalp healthy, one should start off by purchasing hair products that contain word "scalp health" in their description boxes. Such hair products ensure proper cleaning of the scalp without leaving any residue. Secondly, one should regularly massage one's scalp, with natural scalp oil, which gets rid off dead skin residue that hinders new hair growth. Scalp massages also nourish the scalp which gives a boost to hair growth.

Furthermore, by refraining from applying excessive amounts of chemicals, such as those present in dyes and hair colors one can reduce hair loss. Applying a lot of heat to hair during styling also weakens the hair structure; therefore, women facing hair fall problems should abstain from coloring, blow drying and extreme styling of hair. Styling hair without the use of heat can also cause weakening of hair particularly the one's that include tying hair tightly in ponytails. Lastly, women with extra thin hair should use products, easily available in the market which strengthen hair and nourish the scalp. Such products are rich in proteins, and as human hair is mostly proteins, such products guarantee strong and healthy hair growth. However, there are other methods to provide help for hair loss in women.

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