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Hormonal Hair Loss In Women

Hairs are among the most important component of our body, especially from beauty perspective. Female hair loss though very rarely results in baldness but still losing hair is an alarming situation for any female. Female hair loss is sometimes associated with other related hair problems too, like hair thinning, dryness to name a few.

There are numerous reasons which may cause the hair loss in both genders. Reasons or causes may include stress, heredity, diet or more appropriately wrong diet, post pregnancy condition etc. However when it comes to females among the other ones hormonal hair loss in women is quite common.

Like other reasons hormonal hair loss in women cause the hair to divert from their normal pattern. Loosely speaking our hair lives in two possible age groups, either they are in growth stage or they are in dying stage. A normal female head must contain about 90% hair always in some stage of growth, whereas up to 10% can be in dying stage and could lose life and shed off anytime. It is not alarming to lose 50 to 150 hairs per day but if the frequency is more than that proper actions are required.

Hormonal hair loss in women may also be caused by pregnancy condition. It is evident that during pregnancy a female body goes through multiple changes and normal hair cycle explained in the previous section disturbs. During this passage you will observe that hair are not falling at all not even those daily 100 hairs. However once the childbirth takes place body in order to regain the normality go through more changed. Losing more than normal hair during the post pregnancy condition is absolutely normal and the condition is expected to go away pretty soon. However if it does not go away you must be seeking professional medical help.

Hormonal hair loss in women is caused by extended DHT or dihydrotestosterone in their body. DHT is extended due to absence of a female hormone estrange. Scientific details are beyond scope of our current discussion so we cutting to the chase, that estrogen is a female hormone and its basic purpose is to kill the male hormone in body, talk about gender rivalry. If estrogen is lacking in the body it results in enhancement of DHT which in turn cause the hormonal hair loss in women. This hormonal hair loss in women can be prevented by proper diet and life style in general. There could be many reasons for the hormonal hair loss in women caused by declining estrogen levels, for instance usage of contraceptives and Menopause.

It can’t be said that don’t use birth control pills, considering its importance. However some contraceptive pills disturb your hormonal levels and disturb the hair life cycle, basically your hair starts to age rapidly. In such circumstances to avoid hormonal hair loss in women the consultation with good doctor is required to probably prescribe any alternative or suggest something else. For hormonal hair loss in women caused by Menopause Minoxidil drug has shown good results.

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