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Hair Loss/Thinning Women

Hair loss is mostly associated with males and hair thinning occur in women, but now a day the problem is becoming evident in both males and females at a equal rate. Baldness was called as the cause of aging among many males; today women are also suffering from female baldness problem which is also becoming permanent problem among many females. Hair loss is a normal and natural phenomenon among males and females. Humans have a tendency to lose almost 100 to 150 strands of hair per day. This amount is so meager that hardly anyone notices, on the other hand, when hair loss exceeds normal level of falling, hair thinning results.

Hair loss/thinning women occurs among women, when they lose more hair than gaining new from their hair follicle.

According to research women from the age bracket of 25 to 35 years are more prone to hair loss/thinning women. The impact of menopause on hair loss is rejected by few medical practitioners. At the same time, if your family has a hair fall and baldness history, your chances of hair thinning are raised.

Apart from normal hair thinning, some hair loss also occurs as a result of some medications. Many antidepressants, birth control and few blood thinning medications are said to trigger hair loss/thinning women. Besides this if diet is insufficient in iron and protein, hair thinning becomes inevitable.

Besides this, there are many other factors that cause hair thinning among women. They are:

Brushing and combing hair too hard. In some cases when hairs are wet, women tend to brush them so hard that they get weak and start falling. At the same time, any effort done against the nature texture of hair, like hair curling, hair straightening and some other artificial means tend to make hair thin and cause hair fall among women.

Stress is the biggest factor triggering hair thinning in women. With stress level, hormonal imbalance occurs followed by hair fall. However many genetic makeup also tends to affect the hair loss but their impact is more severe in men as compared to women.

Women find it difficult to figure out when actual hair fall occur. For this reason regular hair fall pattern has to be studied. Normal hair fall per day remains unnoticed as long as new hair replace at the same rate as those of hair fall. On the other hand, when hair fall exceeds hair replacement process, it is problematic.

Natural, herbal and medical ways are now easily available in the markets which are means to treat hair thinning and hair loss problem among many women. It is always recommended to consult the medical specialist or any dermatologist before taking any hair loss treatment. Some problems are cured by taking simple herbal treatments while many surgical treatments are also available. As women never undergo normal baldness as men do, thus many surgical methods don’t exactly work for them. Diet rich in all the basic nutrients must be included in the normal diet to help reduce hair fall problem among women.

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