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Teenage Female Hair Loss

Long and shinning hair has always been the symbol of youth and beauty among females, but when girls start losing their beauty, they become panicked. Today many girls of twenties and thirties are losing their hair at a very alarming rate.

The usual type of teenage female hair loss is Telogen effluvium. In this case, the scalp of the girls suffer tremendous hair fall from all sides when they shower, brush hair and even on the floor. The cause of this problem is the failure of the body to get adjusted to the normal and healthy mode of living. When body fails to get its proper diet the hair growth phase is badly disturbed.

There are many causes of Telogen effluvium hair loss among females. One of them is the changing hormonal functioning. On the onset of puberty, female’s hormonal systems undergo much changes, in order to cater to that good diet, healthy food and proper sleep is needed, however girls mainly spend their time watching TV, surfing on the web and going out. Their abnormal life patterns put stress on the hormones and they fail to fulfill their requirements. Thus it follows hair fall phenomena.

Intake of birth pills by many teenage girls also effects the growth of the hair. Though the impact of such pills becomes effective only after few months of their intake, but they are said to cause hormonal changes in the body. Some school of thought also thinks that birth pills are good for the normal growth of hair.

The food intake by the teenage girls is also the main cause of their hair fall. Usually they go for junk food, unhealthy, raw food and leave healthy and nutritious diet. The food high in sugar content cause body inflammation and become cause of teenage female hair loss.

Another element to consider is the extensive dieting done by many young girls. Many girls are not aware of nutritional plan that must be followed when diet. Mostly stop eating at all and go on crash dieting. Some manages to get their end results but their internal hormonal functioning gets hampered and thus causes major problems, mainly hair fall.

The emergence of acnes also occurs during puberty. They are very common among many teenage girls. Females go to all extent to clear their skin from these marks and start taking some medications too. The medications reduce the production of oil in the skin and sebaceous oil production in the hair is also reduced. Th
is cause hair dryness, bristle and eventually hair fall. At the same time, some medications are being taken by few females during their puberty or some time in their life. When they suddenly stop taking such medications, problems do arise and body finds it hard to get back to its normal position, and it leads to hair problems.

Tight pony tail and binging hair forcefully also exert enough pressure on the scalp and result in teenager female hair loss.
It is always better to take protective measure to avoid potential hair loss among females.

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