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Sudden Female Hair Loss

Among females the hair fall problem starts at the starting age of 30 years and it prolongs till the age of 40 years. The symptoms may go unnoticed till that time however when menopause approaches, it becomes evident. Women hair loss is not influenced by their genetic make ups, besides this hereditary issue also doesn’t fall under sudden female hair fall. However hormonal imbalances, stress level, birth control, traumas and post menstrual cycle are the most common causes.

Sudden female hair fall is also called as localized hair loss. It involves thinning of the hair and improper growth of the hair follicle. In medical terms it is called “Diffuse Un patterned Alopecia”. It doesn’t result in the hair fall rather hair gets thin suddenly.

Constant chronic stress also impact the hair growth and hair fall. Chronic Telogen Effluvium results in due to increased level of stress. However with the reduced stress level, the Telogen also goes down, but by that time much sudden female hair loss is expected. The better remedy in this case is shampoo with zinc pyrithione around 1% proves good. At the same time, if problem persists, it is better to consult dermatologist.

Another sudden female hair loss is Tellogen Effluvium. In this case, hair gets on those areas of the scalp which doesn’t support growth. They end up shedding hair and results in sudden female hair loss, however the process is reversible and with proper medication, hair can re grow.

When the hair cuticles are reduced on some areas of the scalp, it gives way to swallowing and results in Trichorrhexis nodosa. When hot comb is used extensively, it causes sudden female hair loss.

Many females make their pony tails so tight that hair start falling. Traction alopecia is the resulting disease in this case. The root of the hair is stretched and cause damage to the hair follicle. It can even cause sudden female hair loss on a permanent basis.

Few medicine intakes also cause sudden hair fall among women. Medications like blood pressure, oral contraceptives, medicines for mood enhancement, thyroid medications and some anti depressant. Apart from all these, anemia, endocrine problems, gynecological issues like tumor in ovaries, dieting, thyroid imbalance, some stress, surgical applications; they all cause sudden female hair loss. Some disease may cause the hair loss to be temporary, while some may results in the permanent hair fall.

The hormonal imbalances following pregnancy and menopause also have profound impact on the hair loss of women. However they are mainly temporary and they can retreat back the hair growth.

Crash dieting and in some cases, simple dieting also triggers sudden female hair loss. Mainly females skip the intake of major health food nutrients and end up disturbing their normal hormonal and body functioning.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair fall you are suffering from. When you see the loss is going bigger and bigger and there is no fine remedy, dermatologist must be consulted. Besides this some changes in the hair cosmetics and life style may also help.

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