Thyroid and Hair Loss in Women

Out of many other factors that cause baldness and hair loss among women like stress, hormonal imbalance, chemical treatments, thyroid imbalance is also one of them. However thyroid and hair loss in women is only concerned with thinning of hair, as it doesn’t involve complete baldness as it happens in men.

Thyroid is the gland present in the neck of humans, somewhat at the lower side of the voice box (larynx). These are concerned with the development and growth of child as well as fetus; it is due to the fact that thyroid deficient diseases like hair loss are related to females more than males. Thyroid imbalance is the main cause of hair loss among women. Three main areas are:

  • Thyroid cancer, which is thyroid disease and is called Benign.
  • Underproduction of the thyroid gland, called Hypothyroid. It is most common among women of age thirties and sixties than men.
  • Overproduction of the Thyroid gland, called Hyperthyroid. Cases of over production of thyroid are around 8 to 10 times more in women of age bracket of twenties and thirties as compared to men.

Thyroid and hair loss in women is caused by either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.

Sometimes thyroid medications also lead to hair loss and this condition is called hypothyroidism in the medical terms. In this case the hair follicle fail to foster the growth of the new hair, and results in hair thinning, hair fall and hair loss when comb. At this stage consulting dermatologist is essential who may take some initial skin tests to find out the real cause.

The hair loss problem among many women also starts after menopause. The fall following post menopausal time is due to lower thyroid level. However many women call it to be the menopause aftereffects which is due to less awareness.

Thyroid level can be checked by simple blood test. The tests determine the exact level of thyroid stimulating hormones, which triggers the appropriate production of thyroid glands in the body. The cure doesn’t involve surgery, rather antithyroid medication or sometimes radioactive iodine can also prove to be affective. Radioactive cure is very hard and it completely destroys the hormone that is used to produce the thyroid gland. On the other hand with antithyroid production, only slight affect is seen on the thyroid producing hormone.

Much time is needed for the purpose of treating thyroid problems among females. Sometimes heavy dosage is given to the affected patient. The known medicine in this case is Levothyroxine, from the family of Synthroid can be good remedy. The related side effects of this disease are also hair loss, however they happen temporary. On the other hand proper treatments for thyroid cancer cause hair loss among females. Primrose oil is also considered to be good natural remedy for thyroid and hair loss in women and helps in stopping the hair fall problem. Another option could be regular iron tablets intake.

The incidents of thyroid deficiency are more common among women than in men, however they may cause abnormalities in many other organs of the body too. Thus thyroid and hair loss in women must be closely monitored by women of all age.

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