Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is common among both genders; it is severe in guys though. That is why we see many bald men. Sighting of a bald lady is very infrequent. Reasons for hair loss in women and men are common up to some extent, although there are many specific to females only.

Mostly the hair loss in females is temporary phase and it go away with sweet passage of time. Reasons for hair loss in women are several; for instance irregular & unhealthy diet intake, stress, childbirth, sudden change in hormonal levels. There are numerous other reasons for hair loss in women, for instance thyroid related diseases and radiation based treatments like chemotherapy have shown to result in loss of hair. Let’s discuss details of few reasons for hair loss in women

Deficiency in Diet

Among the general reasons for hair loss in women, deficiency of adequate diet is right there among the chief ones. Proteins intake along with Vitamin B is essential for your hair. Lack of these items in diet is hazardous for health chart of hair. So it is important to include meat in your regular intake. Other diets prescribed by people vital are sea food, eggs, and beans. Green vegetables also prove beneficial to keep the hair healthy. Overall maintaining a healthy life style and taking in balanced diet can keep the whole body fit, including your beautiful, precious and irreplaceable hair.

Hormonal Levels

Balance is very important in our lives, hormonal balance is essential for your overall health. Certain abnormalities like thyroid disease are caused by the abnormal hormonal levels. This has been observed among the reasons for hair loss in women.


Having a baby is the greatest gift that nature can give us. Pregnant women go through a lot of changes in body throughout the course of pregnancy. Due to overall trend of growth in body, during this period women do not experience the usual hair fall, of 100 per day. Once the child is born, the body goes back to normal self. At that time more than normal amount of hair go to the resting phase and fall off. This condition is temporary and you need not worry about it. Generally the massive shedding stops after a while mostly 2-3 months.


Stress is perhaps the most salient of the reasons for hair loss in women. Women in general are more inclined toward going into depression over different matters of life. It is better to do self controlled therapies or consult a professional to get rid of stress.

It is possible to reverse or stop the hair fall, but prevention should always be preferred over cure. Whatever are the reasons for hair loss in women, women are more worried than men about their condition. To avoid or stop hair loss different treatments and methods are applied. Using hair care products on regular basis can prevent you from facing issues like thinning hair and hair loss. You may consider using herbal hair care products, considering they have no side effect whatsoever.

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