Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Hair loss among men is the most common form of baldness among males. They are normally hereditary and pass on from one generation to the other. The main reason of the hair loss in men is due to increased level of males sex hormones, androgen. Baldness among men was inevitable over the last many years but now hair loss treatment for men has invaded the market.

On the scalp of men, some areas are very sensitive to the hair production. They are basically male sex hormones and they stimulate the production of follicle. Hair grows out of follicle. When follicle becomes small, it stops producing new hair and thus hair fall problem arise.

Before adopting for any air loss treatment, it is always recommended to consult doctors and find out the kind of hair loss you are suffering from.

Some hair loss treatment for men arose accidently out of treating some other illness. Finasteride was initially used to treat the prostate gland enlargement among men. Later on it was found to have good and healthy impact on the hair growth among men. Besides this Minoxidil is also said to stop baldness and if it is applied on any bald surface, hair start growing on that area. The drug is medically proven to have stopped hair loss problem, the hair re growth is dependent upon the type of hair loss one has.

There are many cosmetic available for the hair loss treatment for men. They don’t result in the permanent solution to the problem; however they are now better temporary remedies now a day. Without the involvement of any chemical or surgical procedure, the appearance of the person is changed. For cosmetic treatment, hair pieces are either taken from natural hair or from some synthetic hair. The natural pieces are better than synthetic but they are not durable, however synthetic remains for a longer period of time and easy to manage.

Some surgical hair loss treatment for men is also considered good but little expensive, hair transplantation is also one of them. It involves taking bald scalp area and hair filled area is fixed, lifted and then stitched to give it a normal scalp appearance. However the process doesn’t result in the re growth of new hair.

Another way is scalp reduction. In this case the bald scalp is removed surgically and then sideways which has hair are stitched together to give it a normal look. It is like face lifting process. There are some reservations for this process. In case of bald area too wide, more than 3 inches diameter, the process doesn’t work out. Secondly if surrounding areas are shortage of hair, they may not fulfill deficiency. Yet another way is through Flap. The computer image of the results of flap can be shown to the person, thus results are pretty expected.

There are therefore many natural and surgical ways of hair loss treatment for men. The application of any method depends upon the type of hair loss one has, thus it is better to consult doctor before going for any hair loss treatment for men.

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