Hair Loss Treatment Product

Human hair falling capacity per day range from 100 to 150 strands of hair per day, however under normal circumstances, new hair grows at the same rate as that of old hair shedding thus hair thinning remains unnoticed. On the other hand, when hair fall triggers new hair production, special care needs to be taken in the form of some hair loss treatment product application. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the hormone said to cause hair fall both in males and females.

Hair loss is a trauma especially for females and people apply every hair loss treatment product, they find easily in the market. Some products end up causing more problems, thus it is better to get hold of only those treatments which are approved by Food and Drug Administration.

Treatment #1: Finasteride is used to treat baldness relevant to males’ pattern. They reduce the level of DHT to almost 60 percent. This method is approved by the medical sciences as the reliable mean to reduce hair loss.

Treatment #2: the drug initially used to cure heart problem cause hair growth in some parts of the body. Minoxidil was used by early people to cure the problem of heart but as of its side effects, hair started growing on the cheeks, forehead and hands. If Minoxidil is applied on any area, which has less hair, hair re grows out. It is medically proven mean to reduce the cause of males’ pattern baldness.

Treatment #3: the third medically and FDA approved method is the use of Provillus. The drug contains some herbs, vitamins and few mineral. Apart from this some amount of Minoxidil is also present in this drug. The additional vitamins and minerals are not assured of working as the hair loss treatment product. Provillus is more expensive as compared to Minoxidil, due to the presence of many more supplements in its composition.

There are also few hair loss treatment product in the form of hair shampoo, which have good and healthy impact on the nourishment of scalp and hair growth. Nioxin is a good hair loss treatment product used for hair thickening and improving blood flow to scalp. The product is safe for both men and women. Nioxin is also available in the form of scalp treatment and scalp therapy to solve the problem of hair loss.

Another shampoo for reduce hair thinning problem and better hair loss treatment product is Progaine shampoo. They add volume to hair through its minerals, vitamins and proteins ingredients. They strengthen and make hair strong to avoid hair loss problem and reduce hair breakage. Yet another hair loss treatment product is Revivogen, it is available in the therapy, shampoo and hair thickening shampoo. First the therapy must be applied at night; it must be left till morning. The Revivogen shampoo has to be left on the head for some times to remove complete hair loss problem, it must be followed by Revivogen thickening conditioner.

All the above mentioned hair loss treatment product are approved by Food and Drug administration. It is better to apply the better and trusted products to reduce more hair loss issues.

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