Hair Loss/Thinning

Hair loss/thinning can be caused by many different reasons and one must look for the proper factor behind its occurrence before taking any treatment. People mainly assume stress and anxiety is the only known cause of hair cause however, there may be intervention of diet, medication, family history or imbalance in the thyroid glands.

Studies have shown that some medications also cause hair loss/thinning, they are:

  • Cancer treating medications; anticancer drugs
  • Medications that control heart problems or blood pressure
  • Any medicine taken for thinning blood
  • Epilepsy treatment drugs
  • Drugs for Parkinson
  • Medication for the treatment of thyroid glands
  • Acne control medication

Thus few normal drugs taken for the control of acne, thyroid glands also cause hair loss. People taking these drugs don’t have idea about their medicines side effects, thus it is advised to consult doctor before taking any additional hair loss pills.

In order to cope up with the hair loss problem, three general methods are known. They are effective in reducing hair thinning and stopping hair fall.

  • Follow proper diet plan. It is not to say that only high and expensive diet is the only solution to stop hair loss/thinning problem, rather diet rich in proteins, fibers, minerals and vitamins foster better follicle growth. These healthy follicle in return give rise to healthy hair. Protein helps in the maintenance of hair, nails and teeth. Besides this addition of Vitamin B and Vitamin E are the excellent sources of good hair follicles. The addition of some nutrients in diet, excess sugar and caffeine must also be reduced.
  • Blood flow to the hair follicle must be vigorous to nourish scalp. Healthy scalp provide full nutrients to hair follicle and thus leading to better hair growth. Head massage is therefore, one of the most easy and effective way to make all nourishments reach all scalps equally. Massage can be done either twice a week or thrice a week. It must be kept in mind that massage must be mild and should not cause any harm to the hair. Some people do such hard and brutal massage that hair breaks up and starts falling down. Oil massage is also very beneficial for reducing hair loss and hair thinning. Natural oils like coconut, olive and mustard can be used for this reason, however many artificial oils are also available in the market, but they must be properly studied and checked before applying on hair.
  • The main hormone or factor that causes baldness among males is Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is the extended type of testosterone found in human body, which is found to be the main cause of male type baldness. Even in females, some quantity of this hormone is also present and it causes hair loss thinning among females. Though hair loss among females is very different as compared to what is found in males. An effort in this regard is to reduce the amount of DHT to solve the hair loss problem.

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