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Man Hair Loss

Hair loss is an unwanted gift of ageing. Apparently it’s the females who are more worried about their hair and problems with them. However interesting to note that man hair loss is way more common than to woman hair loss. Furthermore man hair loss leads to critical misfortune, baldness, which is obviously exceptional in females. A man hair loss can affect him at many levels from professional to social to even personal. Let’s explore the reasons for man hair loss and preventions and cure.

The most important causes of man hair loss are heredity, stress, proper diet or lack of it, ageing as discussed earlier, medical surgery, hormonal disturbances to name a few. Major symptoms are the human instinct to judge if something is wrong, other than that finding more than usual hair in comb and bath tub. Change in appearance of hair can also be termed as a symptom; however it becomes apparent when you’ve lost a significant number of hairs. However not every situation is alarming, as it is ok for us to lose 50 to 150 hair per day.

Man hair loss can happen at any age but generally it’s the middle ages in which it takes its toll man hair loss. Discussion of male pattern baldness is very important if we are discussing man hair loss. Male pattern baldness starts from the temple and thinning takes place at the top of head also know as crown. In most of the cases the baldness left you with a rim of hair on sides, but in extreme cases man hair loss goes to the extent of complete baldness. Even in the present era of advanced medical sciences, the male pattern baldness and its reason are still under evolutionary stages. It doesn’t mean that we don’t know the causes all the times but it is mostly difficult to pinpoint beforehand the actual reason from the symptoms always.

Best defense for male hair loss is prevention, regularly applying hair care products can prove beneficial in long run. Keeping and maintaining healthy diet especially based on proteins and vitamins b (and its sub types) will help your hair sustain their health. If baldness runs in your family you need to be extra careful when it is not the rainy day.

Treatments are available for man hair loss, both via prescribed drugs and surgery. Hair surgical method has lately become a reality and people are opting for it, but having a surgery on your head is scary. So medications are also another alternative for man hair loss treatment. Problem with the popular medications is it can though cure your hair problem but due to side effect can harm you in any other way. To avoid this we need to go back to our roots. Ancients were not foolish people, there methods are not only natural but there is certain wisdom associated with their ways. Recent studies have shown the positive impact on man hair loss of these herbal products, and no side effect is always a bonus in any treatment.

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