Reasons for Hair Loss

On average there are about 100,000 hairs on our scalp. The count may vary from person to person based on certain factors. Studies have shown that people with blonde or brunette hair carry about 50% more hair as compare to people with say red hair. Most of our hairs are in 2 states, (there are 3 actually). Not going into detail of all, important fact to know is, our hair are generally either growing or shedding. Obviously most of hair should be in any part of growth stage, whereas up to 10% should be ready to fall off. Normally about 0.1% 100 of our hair shed off our scalp every day. So among reasons for hair loss the topmost is normal shedding.

Normal hair fall is not a point of concern for anyone. However situation gets alarming when the frequency and amount of falling hair goes out of control. Hair loss is not limited to any particular demographic factor or factors. Hair loss experienced permanently or in a phase irrespective of the age, sex, geographical location, though its occurrence and consequences may vary. Like normally in males baldness is more regular, though rarely seen in females. Reasons for hair loss are many like heredity, imperfect diet, excessive usage of beauty products, radiation etc. Furthermore stress, postpartum period and hormonal defects are also considered amongst reasons for hair loss. There are few other reasons for hair loss, though they are not proved conclusively. All the reasons for hair loss can’t be covered in detail; however we can have an overview of the major causes. Stress is said to be one of the biggest reasons for hair loss, though shedding stops when stress is taken care of. Imperfect diet, lacking protein and Vitamin-B can also initiate or expedite the hair loss. Heredity is also among the important reasons of hair loss. Hormonal issues like thyroid gland abnormalities are also associated with excessive hair loss. Artificial products like dyes, tints though advertised beautifully may result in thinning and hair loss. Some medical treatments and drugs also results in hair loss, its most prominent example have to be chemotherapy treatment for certain cancer patients. It must be remembered, that the exact reasons for hair loss is not always determinable.

There are many treatments available in all the medical systems including the alternative systems. It is evident from the points mentioned previously that falling hair are in most of cases symptoms of something going wrong in body rather than disease itself. Like from the reasons for hair loss if stress is identified, then treatment for the stress will automatically fixes hair issues.

Hair care products available these days though look fancy, but their excessive use is definitely not healthy. Along with being good for your hair, herbal products are known to have no side effects whatsoever. So it is better to stay close to nature. We need to take care of your hair regularly as a preemptive action, rather than waiting for hair to tell us that they are not healthy anymore.

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