How to shampoo correctly?

The way of shampooing should be moderate.

Do not put shampoo on the vertex to avoid stimulating hypersecretion of sebum on the vertex.

The length of shampooing should be moderate.

The shampoo stays not more than 5 minutes on the vertex, and should be flushed away as soon as possible. If you shampoo your hair before sleep, you should dry your hair before going to bed.

The temperature of water should be moderate.

The appropriate temperature is between 30℃ and 38℃. If the water is too cold, the sebum and dirt cannot be removed. If the water is too hot, the protein of hair will be spoiled, resulting in the loss of flexibility and luster of hair. In addition, the overly hot water will stimulate the hypersecretion of sebaceous gland.

The type of shampoo should be moderate.

The quality of hair can be divided into oily, moderate and dry. Choose the high-quality shampoo that is suitable for your own hair. Determine the amount of shampoo for each use according to the length, the amount and the cleanness of hair. On the basis of the needs of clients, 101 has researched and developed high-quality hair-nourishing shampoo as well as hair loss preventing shampoo, enabling the quality of your hair to be improved rapidly.

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